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“The California Department of Insurance (DOI) took action recently against Allstate Insurance, Sterling Casualty and Alliance United Insurance based on allegations listed in three separate statements of charges/accusations concerning illegal labor rate practices that were allegedly unfair and/or deceptive and based on complaints from body shops throughout the state”.

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3 thoughts on “CA DOI Takes Action Against Insurers for “Bogus” Labor Rate Surveys

  1. Dealing with this currently w/ Ameriprise. They have used the survey to justify them paying us less than they did in 2018. Other shops surveyed do not have our level of training, equipment, certifications, ASE mechanics etc.

  2. Geico has our shop listed in their labor rate survey and we were never surveyed.
    Body Shops need to get the consumers involved with the DOI and consumer advocate groups. This is OUT OF HAND. Geico refuses to provide a survey.

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