The Legislature Adjourned on August 31 for the year after passing and sending hundreds of bills to the Governor. The Governor has until September 30, 2018 to sign or veto the bills.  Below is a update of key bills we have been monitoring and BAR activity.

AB 2825 (Jones-Sawyer). Debt Collectors. Oppose unless Amended.  The bill treats auto repair shops as “debt collectors”.  Customer communications will be regulated and potentially subject shops to strict liability, fines, and frivolous lawsuits. Status:  Died in Senate Appropriations Committee, but expected to be reintroduced next year.

AB 3141 (Low). BAR. Support. This bill would include currently exempted maintenance service providers under BAR jurisdiction while maintaining oil changers business model. The bill does not require a written estimate for preventative maintenance services as defined, if certain conditions are met.  Status: Governor’s desk.

AB 2908 (Berman). Tire Regulatory Fee. Oppose. The bill gives CalRecycle the ability to create a new tire fee up-to-$1.00, on top of the current $1.75 per tire fee already charged.  The bill was amended to allow a tire retailer to separately charge the new fee on the invoice. Status: Governor’s desk.

AB 2276 (Burke). Oppose.  The bill allows insurers to conduct “alternative labor rate surveys” but eliminates important standards set forth in Dept of Insurance regulations that produce consistent, accurate and reliable labor rate survey results and instead allows insurers to skew the results in a manner that would suppress market rates.  Died on Senate Floor.

AB 2392 (Santiago). Vehicles: Towing and Storage. This bill is intended to provide consumer protections and will require all towing and storage fees to be reasonable. The author has taken amendments to address concerns. Status: Governor’s desk.

AB 2107 (Reyes).  New Motor Vehicle Board.  This bill, among other things, extends the sunset clause on a provision granting the New Motor Vehicle Board the authority to hear protests by an association challenging the legality of an export policy of a manufacturer and recasts the relationship in existing law between new motor vehicle franchisors and franchisees. Status: Governors desk.

SB 993 (Hertzberg). Sales Tax: Services. Oppose.  This bill is intended to make major tax reforms including expanding the sales tax to services. A series of hearings on the measure are being planned that will include experts to do a “deeper diver” into the issue of taxing services. Status:  Bill is dead but expected to be reintroduced next year.

SB 1300 (Jackson). Unlawful employment Practices.  Oppose. This bill, among other things, requires that employers provide information to employees on how and to whom harassment should be reported and information on how to contact the Dept of Fair Employment and Housing to report viloation. Status: Governors desk.

SB 1343 (Mitchell).  Employers: Sexual harassment Training: Requirements. This bill requires an employer who employs 5 or more employees to provide at least 2 hours of sexual harassment training to all employees by January 1, 2020 and once every 2 years after that.  Status: Governor’s desk.

Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR).  The BAR has submitted the electronic estimate and invoice regulations to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for final approval.  If OAL approves the regulations (which is expected), then they should take effect later this year.

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