Great News!
The BAR Electronic Estimate and Authorization Regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative law today and will take effect immediately.
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Some of the new regulation highlights include:
1) Allow a shop to obtain authorization from a customer electronically including text messages. This is much needed change in current law and will help streamline the authorization process for both shops and customer.
2) Each part listed on the estimate in the estimate shall be considered new unless specifically identified as used, rebuilt or reconditioned. Each new replacement crash part listed in the estimate shall be an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part unless specifically identified as a non-OEM aftermarket crash part.
3) Part kits containing several components may be listed as a single part on the invoice and identified by brand name and corresponding part number or similar designation.
4) Any advertisements and advertising signs shall clearly show the name and address listed on the automotive repair dealer’s State registration certificate.
Thanks to all who helped getting these regulations. More information to follow.

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