Meet the Board

Day to day operations will be run by Mr. Feeley, who has served as an interim in the past,  the Executive Committee, and an Administrative Assistant.  

Info on the meeting and the Executive Director position (when available) will also be posted on


Comments, Questions and Suggestions can be directed to the following:


Don Feeley –      Interim Executive Director                (916) 646-8111        

Cindy Shillito –   Southern California Representative      (714) 944-4028

Pete Bezek –        Northern California Representative        (916) 765-3110

Kathy Mello –     President                                           

Tim Brown –       1st Vice President                          

Doug Marshall- 2nd Vice President                      

Tiffany Silva –    Treasurer                                            

Ted Stein –           Interim Secretary                                


California Auto Body Association
PO Box 660607
CP: 95866-0607 CA (USA)
Tel: 916-557-8100

CA Auto Body Association